First Neurologist Appointment

I was anxious and excited to finally talk to a neurologist. It had been five days since I lost vision in my right eye. Five days of doctor's appointments, steroid infusions, blood draws, and an MRI. Five days of Googling symptoms, wondering, and worrying about what was wrong with me. Five days with no answers.… Continue reading First Neurologist Appointment


When I left the eye doctor, I was in tears. I couldn't see out of my right eye. I knew it was neurological, but I didn't know what was wrong with me. The eye doctor told me to go to urgent care for a neurological exam, steroids, and an MRI. I was panicking, imagining the… Continue reading Steroids

Day One: I Can’t See

On Thursday I worked from home while my son had virtual school. We went to a protest for police accountability and racial justice; we held signs, we chanted, and we listened to powerful speakers. On the way home, we sang along with the radio and danced in the car, not caring how silly we looked.… Continue reading Day One: I Can’t See