Unexpected Results

I did a lumbar puncture to determine whether my vision loss was due to MS. From my own research, I knew that one thing that can indicate MS is protein in the spinal fluid. I was hoping the results would confirm MS. I wanted a diagnosis; I wanted an answer. Then, I could start treatment;… Continue reading Unexpected Results

The “Headache”

After the lumbar puncture, I had an awful headache and my back hurt so much that it was hard to walk. The intense, piercing headache subsided pretty quickly. But, the intense back pain that made me walk hunched over, in slow, deliberate steps lasted into the next day. It was hard to sleep that night.… Continue reading The “Headache”

Lumbar Puncture

When I first read that a lumbar puncture was a common diagnostic test for MS, I immediately thought, "spinal tap." Horror movie. Heavy metal. Hammering a nail into your spine, excruciating pain, dangerous. But, then a remembered that I'd had a spinal block when my son was born and it wasn't that big of a… Continue reading Lumbar Puncture