My Glatopa Reaction

After giving myself Glatopa injections for almost two years, it had become routine. An annoyance that I did not look forward to, like taking out the trash, but routine. I'd figured out the best way to minimize the injection site pain and reactions. I still had injection reactions including pain, welts, and sores, but heat… Continue reading My Glatopa Reaction


I was anxious, but excited, to start the injections. I left work around lunchtime for injection training with a nurse. I drove to the doctor's office, parked, checked in, and was called back quickly. She asked if I had the injection with me. No one told me to bring them. I guess that seems… Continue reading Injections

Should I Start Treatment?

I did not meet diagnostic criteria for an MS diagnosis, but I had optic neuritis, brain lesions, and Oligoclonal bands in my spinal fluid, all of which are consistent with MS. And, everything else had been ruled out. For women my age with optic neuritis and brain lesions, there is a 72% chance of developing… Continue reading Should I Start Treatment?