What I Tell My Son About MS

I recently watched Selma Blair's documentary, Introducing, Selma Blair. What stood out most to me was her son. Her relationship with him, his journey with her through MS, and her fears for him. Her son is not much older than my son, and they were about the same age when our MS journeys began. So,… Continue reading What I Tell My Son About MS

The Fire

For most of October and November, I didn't feel great. My vision was blurry, the steroid infusions made me nauseous and tired, and then the lumbar puncture made me extremely nauseous, dizzy, and gave me an awful headache. I spent a lot of time those first few weeks in the massage chair, on the couch,… Continue reading The Fire

Day One: I Can’t See

On Thursday I worked from home while my son had virtual school. We went to a protest for police accountability and racial justice; we held signs, we chanted, and we listened to powerful speakers. On the way home, we sang along with the radio and danced in the car, not caring how silly we looked.… Continue reading Day One: I Can’t See