My Glatopa Reaction

After giving myself Glatopa injections for almost two years, it had become routine. An annoyance that I did not look forward to, like taking out the trash, but routine. I'd figured out the best way to minimize the injection site pain and reactions. I still had injection reactions including pain, welts, and sores, but heat… Continue reading My Glatopa Reaction

New Year’s Resolution

I am one of those people who always makes New Year's resolutions. I've done Whole 30 a couple times and several 30 day fitness challenges. Yoga, squats, push-ups.. I'm a type-A perfectionist, so I set goals and I complete them, even if that means staying up way too late to get in my daily yoga. Of course there are benefits to eating healthy and working out, resetting yourself after holiday indulgences, and following through on goals. But, what I didn't realize for over 40 years was that New Year's resolutions are pretty toxic.

What I Fear

Because MS is progressive, you worry about what will happen in the future. These fears vary from person to person. A musician or a surgeon may be most concerned about not being able to use their hands, while an athlete may worry about not being able to use their legs. I play this pointless game in my head: if I could chose which MS dishabilles I will have, what would I choose? You know, like that "would you rather" game kids play: would you rather have a third nipple or an extra toe? Go ahead, Google "would you rather." Have fun! I ask myself, would you rather be in a wheel chair or not be able to see? And, on and on. I know it sounds a little dark, but for me, it helps put things in perspective. Like, would you rather not be able to ever open a jar again or need a catheter? See, not being able to open a jar is not that big of a deal. Well, for me. Someone might disagree. There are things I fear. Some big, some small. Some have come and gone. Others, I have yet to imagine. What are you afraid of?

What I Tell My Son About MS

I recently watched Selma Blair's documentary, Introducing, Selma Blair. What stood out most to me was her son. Her relationship with him, his journey with her through MS, and her fears for him. Her son is not much older than my son, and they were about the same age when our MS journeys began. So,… Continue reading What I Tell My Son About MS