My MS Timeline

Sept 25, 2020: woke up unable to see out of right eye, eye doctor, urgent care, optic neuritis diagnosis, blood work, start five days of steroid infusions

Sept 29, 2020: brain MRI w/ contrast

Sept 30, 2020: video visit w/ neurologist, some lesions on brain MRI, possible MS, referred for more tests

Oct 2, 2020: follow up eye doctor visit, 20/400, blood work

Oct 6, 2020: lumbar puncture (high WBC count in CSF, 6 Oligoclonal bands) , blood work

Oct 9, 2020: dizzy, nauseous, vomiting from lumbar puncture “headache,” neurologist called about “unexpected results” of lumbar puncture and referred me to MS specialist for 2nd opinion

Oct 12, 2020: video visit w/ MS specialist, may not be MS, more tests

Oct 13, 2020: blood work

Oct 14, 2020: my dog, Sophie, died

Oct 15, 2020: blood work

Oct 16, 2020: follow up eye doctor appointment, 20/25 w/ glasses, order new glasses, MRI of eye w/ contrast

Oct 25, 2020: spinal MRI w/ contrast

Oct 28, 2020: follow up neurologist phone visit, spinal MRI clear

Oct 29, 2020: video visit w/ MS specialist, still puzzled, orders more tests

Oct 31, 2020: chest X-ray

Nov 3, 2020: blood work

Nov 4, 2020: new glasses

Nov 13, 2020: fire

Nov 23, 2020: follow up visual field test, normal

Nov 30, 202: phone visit w/ MS specialist, lab mix up re: CSF/WBC, dx is likely MS, discuss starting DMT

Dec 5, 2020: first blog post

Dec 21, 2021: phone appt w/ MS specialist, decide to start DMT Glatopa injections, will do MRI in 6 months

Jan 6, 2021: start daily Glatopa injections

Jan 21, 2021: phone appt w/ MS specialist re: injections

Feb 6, 2021: switch to 3x/week injections

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